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A long time ago in a dark age, when snow ruled the land, i visited with some like-minded people a bunker in Brandenburg. Our aim was the Zeppelin-Bunker in Wünsdorf, our equipment were DSLRs and tripods. If you want to know more about the bunker, visit the following website: http://www.buecherstadt.com/bilder_s_bunker/bunkeranlagen_1a.htm
Today any tourist can explore this complex for some money and even we saw only a little part. Nevertheless it was exciting and i enjoyed it to take pictures twenty meters under the ground. After our legal trip, we found a very interesting building. It is part of this former military complex and something like a concert hall. I would like to visit more underground objects. Preferably not alone, but without strict rules of some freaky military fans.

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...können durch Einatmen, Verschlucken oder Haut- bzw. Augenkontakt in den menschlichen Körper gelangen. Gefahrstoffe sind Stoffe, die die Gesundheit des Menschen schädigen und haben foldenge Eigenschaften: giftig, sehr giftig, reizend, ätzend, sensibilisierend, entzündlich, hochentzündlich, explosionsgefährlich, reproduktionstoxisch, krebserzeugend, umweltgefährlich

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