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Festival of Lights 2009

Berlin: having fun with spotlights since 1936


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Hey. I completed the pictures of London.
Enjoy it! The whole night pictures were created without any tripod!

Fuck!I don´t like the Gallery!!!!Any ideas? A update? A compatible external service?


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Liverpool - Excursion

Hey my friends. Yes a long time it was silent. Now i´m back.
What happened? Nothing special at all, but i was in England.
The first aim was London. I was never there.
After some nice days my journey guides me to Liverpool the place of our excursion.
On the way back to Berlin, i visited Vienna for a Congress "Deutscher Geographentag"

Today i´m very lazy. Maybe i tell you later more details.
For today you can enjoy the pictures of Liverpool.


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I´m in my blog, manipulate the entries.

Hey friends,

I made some changes in my blog. Some entries were deleted or are now only visible for members. Why i did this? It seems to me, that my blog isn´t very interesting for you or other visitors. So i decided to present it in different communities. Needless to say some informations were unnecessary. Meanwhile some pictures to distract you.

Berlin underground/subway...


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Botanischer Garten

You would have thought that a day full of alcohol make me very lazy. This is essentially correct. But if a beautiful woman, nice weather and my camera attracts me, i mobilise my forces.

So we visited the Botanischer Garten. With me my two new lenses. The journey takes awhile, but the results make me happy.

Watch, enjoy and comment...

(Sorry for the logo. As long as you can save my pictures without any problem, i find it necessary to protect my work.)


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Emilie Autumn

Some days ago on the first april, a friend asked me to visit a concert together. The band, that played, is called Emilie Autumn. I didn´t know much about them only the name, some songs, but nothing more. Thus i didn´t know what would happen.

In foresight i took my camera with me. After the usual waiting time, we arrived at the concerthall.
The spectacle begans some time and also some beers later.
Well? What should i tell you.... It was fantastic, nice show, beautiful women, excellent music.
Unfortunately, my position was more or less suboptimal, but it was enough for few passable pictures. All in all a pleasant evening.
It was especially nice to meet a old girlfriend. (sadly, i can call her only a friend).
Nevertheless it was good. Now some pictures... (camera: Dynax 7D with 50mm f1.7)


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Welcome to the revival of Gahrstoffe.
A long time it was deadly silent here. I thought about building a real website for my pictures instead of using this blog any longer. However, i was lazy and unmotivated and so i have nothing.
Meantime, the new semester begins and i joined the PJ Liverpool/Manchester. Thus i visit Great Britian in september. Since i will be there. I can visit previously London.
Consequently, i have to improve my english language skills. At all costs....fuuuuuu-
Therefore, i reactivate my blog as an part of self-instruction. It´s english...hell yeah.
You are allowed to criticise and correct me. I´m glad about any help.

Miscellaneous news: Situation normal, all fucked up! I would write about it separately and maybe i work some older things up.

Some days ago i used my bike for a short trip. I drove from my parents to the edge of Berlin. 75km... i´m proud about this and surprisingly, it was fun, except for the last kilometers.
After four and a half hours, i reached my aim. A train station called Seddin where i used the train with my semesterticket. (see pics)

So far so good... ^^


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Gruesse aus Suedostasien

Hach ich wollte eigentlich soooviele Blogeintraege schreiben,aber dann war doch keine Zeit. Mal sehn wieviel ich davon nachholen kann.
Derzeit wusel ich in Thailand rum...ab morgen in Vietnam und spaeter noch in Kambodscha. Bislang laeuft meine Reise recht gut und ich hoffe es bleibt so. Drueckt mir die Daumen.

Sobald ich zurueck bin gibts auch massig Bilder :o
Eurer Gefahrstoff


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Da ich etwas im Verzug bin, möchte ich nun über meine Erfahrungen mit dem Dezember berichten.

Lies mehr! »


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Die Review eines wunderbaren Konzerts (mit Bildern)!

Lies mehr! »


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13m² - Mein Reich

Ääähm ich mein natürlich mein Reich:p
So als guter Student möchte ich euch auch mal meine Bude vorstellen.

Lies mehr! »


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Der Blog

Nachdem ich nun keine Ausflüchte mehr hab, werd ich also den Wunsch von YU~ nachgeben müssen ;) und mir einen Blog erstellen. Das Resultat seht ihr hier. Ziel ist nun erstmal das Anpassen des Designs :) Danach wird fleißig geschrieben...über mein Leben, Fotographie, meine Wasserpfeife und wer weiß was mir noch so einfällt.
Habt Geduld :oehm:

Nachtrag: Nach etwas Warten ist es nun soweit. Ich hab mein gewünschtes Design. Vielen Dank an Angels Sin :>> Zugegeben...es ist nicht sonderlich aufwendig. Die besonders schicken Photoshopresultate überlass ich lieber Leuten wie den guten Yu~


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