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Kategorie: Mystery

Hellbound (1994) Permalink

AT: Aaron Norris;
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Horror. Action.
Regie: Aaron Norris

"Good cop, bad cop?"


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North by Northwest (1959) Permalink

AT: Der unsichtbare Dritte
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Adventure. Mystery. Thriller. Comedy. Romance.
Regie: Alfred Hitchcock

"Games, must we?"

North by Northwest

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Shutter Island (2010) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Thriller. Mystery. Drama.
Regie: Martin Scorsese

"You'll never leave this island."

Shutter Island

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Cyborg 2 (1993) Permalink

AT: Cyborg 2: The Glass Shadow
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Science-Fiction. Action. Mystery. Romance.
Regie: Michael Schroeder

"...the flame of love!"

Cyborg 2

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Memento (2000) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Thriller. Crime.
Regie: Christopher Nolan

"It's all backwards."

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The Happening (2008) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA. Indien.
Genres: Horror. Mystery. Drama.
Regie: M. Night Shyamalan

"It makes you kill yourself."

The Happening

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Charade (1963) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Comedy. Romance. Thriller.
Regie: Stanley Donen

"I don't even know who I'm talking to any more!"


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Arabesque (1966) Permalink

AT: Arabeske
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Adventure. Comedy. Romance.
Regie: Stanley Donen

"You'd better keep out of this."

1966 - Arabesque - Stanley Donen

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The Birds (1963) Permalink

AT: Die Vögel
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Horror. Thriller. Mystery.
Regie: Alfred Hitchcock

"Sam, three southern fried chicken. Baked potato on all of 'em!"

The Birds

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Psycho (1960) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Thriller. Mystery. Drama. Horror.
Regie: Alfred Hitchcock

"But... there's no sense dwelling on our losses."

Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho - 1960

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Oldboy (2003) Permalink

Produktionsland: Südkorea.
Genres: Drama. Thriller. Mystery.
Regie: Chan-Wook Park

"Weine... und du weinst allein."*

Chan-Wook Park - Oldboy - 2003

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Nostradamus (1994) Permalink

AT: Nostradamus - Prophezeiungen des Schreckens
Produktionsland: Frankreich. England. Deutschland. Rumänien.
Genres: Historic. Drama. Mystery.
Regie: Roger Christian

"The 20th century will be especially terrible."

Roger Christian - Nostradamus - 1994

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Dark City (1998) Permalink

Produktionsland: USA. Australien.
Genres: Mystery. Science-Fiction. Thriller.
Regie: Alex Proyas

"But that's OK. I figured a way out."

Alex Proyas - Dark City - 1998

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Invitation to Hell (1984) Permalink

AT: Exit - Ausgang ins Nichts
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Fantasy. Horror. Drama.
Regie: Wes Craven

"Wanna check it out, Pat?" "Absolutely not!"

Wes Craven - Invitation to Hell - 1984

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Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002) Permalink

AT: Interstate 60
Produktionsland: USA. Kanada.
Genres: Comedy. Fantasy. Mystery. Adventure.
Regie: Bob Gale

"Every event is inevitable - if it wasn't, it wouldn't happen."

Bob Gale - Interstate 60 - 2002

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Knowing (2009) Permalink

AT: Know1ng - Die Zukunft endet jetzt
Produktionsland: USA. England. Australien.
Genres: Thriller. Mystery. Science-Fiction. Fantasy.
Regie: Alex Proyas

"Well, what do you believe?"

Alex Proyas - Knowing - 2009

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Permalink

AT: Der seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Drama. Fantasy. Romance. Mystery.
Regie: David Fincher

"Will you sleep with me?" "Absolutely."

David Fincher - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 2008

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Mirage (1965) Permalink

AT: Die 27. Etage
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Mystery. Thriller.
Regie: Edward Dmytryk

"Among other things, i walked down four flights of stairs,
which weren't there."

Edward Dmytryk - Mirage - 1965

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The Maltese Falcon (1941) Permalink

AT: Der Malteser Falke; Die Spur des Falken
Produktionsland: USA.
Genres: Crime. Thriller. Mystery.
Regie: John Huston

"I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble."

John Huston - The Maltese Falcon - 1941

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The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Permalink

AT: Abwärts in die Zukunft
Produktionsland: USA. Deutschland.
Genres: Science-Fiction. Mystery. Crime.
Regie: Josef Rusnak

"They say, Ignorance is bliss."

Josef Rusnak - The Thirteenth Floor

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